The Horses

Tracey: This mare came from a horse Trader in Southern Idaho.  When Kat purchased her, she had clearly came from an abusive situation.  She showed the scars of being peppered with a shot gun on one side.  She has since learned to trust humans again, and is arguably the most loyal horse of the herd. 

Pungo: The name of this gelding, means four legged pet in the native language of the Shoshone Sheepeater Tribe.  Pungo was bought from a feedlot, where he was destined for slaughter.  He is a charismatic horse that who to play pranks.

Banks: This cute gray gelding is the newest member of the herd, coming to us from Kuna, Idaho.  An athletic fella, he has a background in speed events and bareback riding competitions and has a very willing, trusting personality. And boy, does he love neck scratches!  

Hogan: This gelding is Idaho bred and potato fed.  He was lent to Kat for her first long distance ride, and Kat's dad fell in love with Hogan so much, that he insisted on purchasing him.  He is as tough as they come.

Jesse: MJ and Jesse have a special bond. He came from her family ranch in Nevada, and MJ learned many life lessons while perched on his back.  If he were a human, Jesse would be George Clooney. This handsome gray ranch gelding is as solid as they come.

Mango: This darling Halflinger is the only papered horse in the bunch! She also is predicted to win the award for "Most Transformed". She came to us very overweight. Her sweet personality wins everyone's heart.